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AD Art Gallery was born from the passion for contemporary art of the Dal Pozzo family, owners of the interior design brand of the same name. The Gallery has its entrance at 25 Davila Street, in Padua’s prestigious pedestrian shopping area, and aims to complement the company’s activity in the field of furniture elements. It is, moreover, in the destiny of works of art and works of design to meet in the living space, finding there an opportunity for mutual resonance and enhancement.

AD Art Gallery is a cultural and promotional space that offers itself as a reference place for a qualified approach to the world of art, through a project that takes a broad view of the panorama of contemporary expressive languages, embracing the work of established masters as well as the new experiences of artists of the latest generations.

Artistic director

Maurizio Pentimalli is the artistic director of AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery.
Curious about the market and open to innovations, he has collaborated with art galleries in Rome, Padua and Milan, setting up exhibitions, curating catalogs and participating in major trade fair events.
In the ideal environment of AD Art Gallery, it offers the attention of collectors and the general public works by historicized authors along with innovations by younger artists.

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