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Stefano Chiassai

Stefano Chiassai was born in Arezzo and studied at the State Institute of Art in Florence. In 1980 he created his brand “STEFANO CHIASSAI,” and in 1985 he founded “SCS Studio Chiassai” together with his wife Alessandra. Since 1994 the firm has focused on style and trend consulting for numerous brands. Since the early 2000s he has been designing several menswear lines for the global market, trying to reconcile traditional craftsmanship and new technologies. Since 2009 he has been a clothing designer for a luxury brand. Over the years he has collected over 20,000 vintage items, which are now kept at: “TheCube Archive,” an archive and research hub that he co-founded. Among Chiassai’s books: in 2016 he published Chaosordinato (New Libra), in 2018 Ritmoemotivo (New Libra), in 2020 BlueTailoring (Silvana Editoriale), and in 2021 Diario di un lockdown: 8 marzo 2020-31 agosto 2021 (Silvana Editoriale).

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