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Alberto Biasi

Alberto Biasi was born in Padua on June 2, 1937. He enrolled in 1958 in the Venice Institute of Architecture and in 1962 in the Advanced Course in Industrial Design. Biasi, together with Massironi, matures the idea of founding Group N, which becomes the protagonist of major national and international exhibitions on kinetic art. In 1962, Group N exhibited in the traveling exhibition Arte Programmata-a title referring to computer software-organized by Bruno Munari and hosted in Olivetti Stores in Milan, Rome, and Venice and in London and American galleries and museums. Group N exhibits at the Venice Biennale and MoMA in New York, at the famous exhibition The Responsive Eye. From Biasi’s personal study of visual effects came the Optic-Dynamic Reliefs. Since the 1970s the artist has been working on Politypes. Around the year 2000, the Assemblages cycle was born. All three-dimensional works in dialogue with space. Alberto Biasi’s artistic research continues to this day.

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