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Bruno Catalano

Bruno Catalano, born in Morocco in 1960, is a renowned French-Italian sculptor. His childhood is marked by travel and displacement, and at age 10 his family left Morocco and moved to Marseille, France, where Catalan spent his youth and began working as a sailor. This experience of living on the sea and “uprooting” would have a profound impact on his artistic sensibility. Despite his start away from art, Catalano cultivated his passion for sculpture. Since 2004 he has begun to create increasingly monumental figures, some several meters tall, made mainly of bronze and sometimes enriched with color. This new artistic phase resulted in the works for which he is best known, with incomplete human silhouettes that seem to disappear into missing parts. His sculptures, with their partly evaporating human figures, capture the sense of transience and travel that has been a constant in his life.

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