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21.06.2024 —07.09.2024


8 in the Collezione is the exhibition that AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery is offering to art enthusiasts and collectors for summer 2024.

The exhibition, which features 8 works by 7 different contemporary artists, is characterized by the same plurality of expression that has so far marked the exhibition program of the Gallery, whose activities began in October 2023. After the group show L’abbraccio della pittura, dedicated to the work of Italian painters who emerged on the international art scene between the 1970s and 1980s, AD Dal Pozzo Galleria d’Arte welcomed Marco Maria Zanin’s photographic research, Stefano Bombardieri’s sculptures and Stefano Chiassai’s contemporary-style tapestries to its spaces at Via Davila 25 in Padua. For this new project, pictorial, sculptural, and installation works signed by authors of different generations were selected, some already historicized, others in the process of establishing themselves on the national and international market: Gianni Piacentino, Piero Gilardi, Lucio Del Pezzo, Massimo Kaufmann, Bruno Catalano, Beatrice Gallori, and Stefano Chiassai. What ideally brings their works, though profoundly different from each other, closer together is the faculty to surprise the observer and his or her perceptual habits through the affirmation of a strong and personal aesthetic idea, ultimately irreducible to the paths traced by the main contemporary trends.

Tuesday through Saturday
10.00 – 13.00
15.30 – 19.30

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