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07.12.23 — 27.01.24


AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery presents the exhibition Nascere Ancora by Marco Maria Zanin, a selection of photographs and ceramic sculptures made in recent years by the Paduan artist and anthropologist.

Being born again is a gesture that is constantly realized in Zanin’s works. The works in the exhibition are united by representing a transformation, a path to the new from something that seems to have exhausted its life or function. The artist uses discarded, forgotten objects as a starting point to restore their dignity and transform them into objects capable of expressing vitality, strength and spirituality. They are often objects from the land, from that peasant world at the roots of the Veneto region from which Zanin’s grandparents also came.
Reestablishing a deep relationship between human beings and the land is one of the key points of Marco Maria Zanin’s work, which often creates a dialogue between the local culture of the Veneto region with that of other countries to bring out their commonalities.
On public display for the first time at AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery are four photographs from the new WU series made at Caprera Island in Sardinia. In this series, the holes made by the sea and wind in the granite rocks exposed to the waves are niches or wombs in which something is gestating inside: Zanin, in fact, leans fragments of granite found on the ground there that look like archetypal forms in the making, sculptures made by nature itself.



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