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01.02.24 — 06.04.24


AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery presents the exhibition Stefano Bombardieri. Spiriti Animali curated by Nicola Galvan, a series of sculptural, pictorial and design works by the world-renowned Italian artist.

Founded on a figurative language, which can be led toward outcomes of impressive naturalism, the artist’s work finds its hallmark in surreal inventiveness. This is instrumental in the creation of striking visual allegories that, iconographically speaking, often feature the animal world as the protagonist. Rhinos, elephants, gorillas, whales, while evoking a wild reality incompatible with civilization, become bearers of messages concerning human life, its ancestral fears, its relationship with the “weight” of time and the unraveling of history. Lifted and left hanging in the void, dragged by childlike figures, packed together with ordinary luggage, undermined in their habitat by fires and explosions, the large animals shaped, painted and drawn by Bombardieri seem to have lost their feral and aggressive nature. Instead, they meekly lend themselves to be the subjects of perpetually suspended narratives, in some cases so paradoxical as to be traceable to the regions of dreams. The artist’s work, however, does not fail at times to take a stance toward the urgencies pertinent to the animal world on our planet, with particular reference to human violence toward endangered species. Stefano Bombardieri. Animal Spirits is a project that takes place under the Patronage of the City of Padua.

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