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12.04.2024 — 31.05.2024


AD Dal Pozzo | Art Gallery presents Time, colors and memory by Stefano Chiassai, a multifaceted Tuscan artist whose work ranges from drawing to painting, installation to sculpture, design to fashion.

The exhibition itinerary, curated by art critic Gianluca Ranzi, introduces visitors to the artist’s complex and diverse expressive world, in a colorful and lively journey including drawings, tapestries and design objects, most of which have never been seen before, highlighting how the act of drawing and designing is the true thread of continuity that binds together his multifaceted production. Drawing always and in any case is the belief of Stefano Chiassai, who every day fixes with pencil and markers a visual diary made of emotions, news events, lives and stories. Jan. 1, 2023-The Color of Hope, one of the works on display in the exhibition, declares the attitude with which the artist approaches the themes addressed in his works. The title evokes the idea that even in the face of challenging and even threatening times, the work of art does not indifferently record the news, but contributes to making sense of history, that particular “color of hope” that can also show the complexities, ambiguities and developments of the world in which we live. The artist’s work ensures on the one hand a representation that passes on the memory of events, and on the other a vital and independent vision that is also aware of the ambivalences that the phenomena bring with them.

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